Mentor Your Mind with Kobi

Personal Development

The ethos for is all about nurturing mind, thought and self to enable you to become a more mentally and spiritually empowered person. Most times we allow life to take us on its own often uncharted journey where we constantly react to things, people and situations instead of focusing on where we actually want life to take us and how to get there. We live much of our lives more in the reactive then proactive mode. For many, life may seem like a lottery where some just get lucky enough to pick the winning numbers and the ‘magic’ happens while others just keep trying each day in vain hope that they will be lucky enough to pick the winning numbers that sets them up for the success or happiness they yearn.

One of my main aims over the past couple of years has been to increasingly focus on living with intention, a sense of purpose and absolute passion and conviction for what I believe and the people and goals I hold dear. I refuse to live by chance, or to allow my life to be dictated by chances own terms, whatever these may be. I realised that in order to become who I needed to be and to accomplish certain personal goals, I had to evolve away from holding onto ordinary thoughts and behaviour patterns and totally lose my sense of being ordinary!Instead, I needed to cultivate a disciplined mindset with a transformed way of thinking that would in turn make me more empowered mentally, both at the conscious and subconscious levels. is an expression of this quest as I seek to share of my own experiences and share from the knowledge and experience of others. Life is after all a sharing game. We share ourselves (to a degree), our experiences, our knowledge and our resources for the benefit of others and loved ones. I need to be a quality person who cares about the value I can offer and share with others. I haveto be someone of ‘wealth’ not necessarily in money terms but more to do with developing the kind of authenticity that makes a difference and impact in the lives of those I engage with. If I am to be thought and mind-driven then I have to ensure that my mind and the thoughts and emotions emanating from it will make a positive difference to myself and to others in some way. That remains my aspiration and my challenge.

Total Money Magnetism is a coaching programme that I recommend because it works! It builds and fosters mind-depth and value and is a system that focuses on reversing negative or limiting thought patterns and mindsets that inhibit you from living or achieving to your real potential. I love this programme because not only does it work but I am able to relate many aspects of the belief principles it advocateswith my core Christian faith (e.g: As a man thinketh so is he- Proverbs 23:7).

Who I believe myself to be is what I eventually manifest. In order for me to manifest goodness, abundance and positivity, my inner belief systems and values must be anchored and wired onto that which induces me to manifest as I believe. There are lots of other Christian scriptures that reference the fact that as people living in a fallen world we must consciously and as well by divine grace, focus on renewing our minds and our patterns of thinking in order to become our truest selves – whole vessels of worth and of value to ourselves and to those whose paths we often criss-cross.

Though the Total Money Magnetism programme focuses primarily on cultivating a wealth mindset, it’s tenets can just as successfully be applied across other areas of endeavour to accomplish the goals and objectives we set ourselves. This is a programme for anyone who really wants to think and become extraordinary. If you happen to be a person of some religious belief,Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or even none at all, this is for you too!

So, go ahead and take your first step towards manifesting the awesome potential of ‘You’ that lies within you!

Don’t just be yourself, be your best self!
Kobi Emmanuella-King